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Truth In Me And You

Hauszeit, EP

“My feature on ,Hauszeit’ by Hannes Dieterle. I am honored to having been part of this journey. Working together was really fun and I love this song!” 

Feeling Funky

SOULike, Soul|Funk|R&B

“A song about making room for positive experiences & realizing what is not good for you! Listen to it when you need an extra boost of confidence to let s*** go!” 

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Thank You

Samthandschuh, Indigo Daisy [EP]

“,Thank You’ is one of the very first records I have managed to do on my own. It’s a song that talks about forgiveness&gratitude.”


Samthandschuh, Single

“Reduce, Reuse&Recycle _ saving my old ,not good enough’ projects. Written about 9 years ago, it’s now ready and it has a new outfit! Thanks to my brother who played a vital part in my style choice! 

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